Thursday, January 22, 2015

Put On Ice

Carbon is not a fan of ice.  Note her look of concern.
Neither am I.  Schools cancel.  Cars slow.  Cats stay inside.

We all have to slow down when ice falls from the sky and coats every outdoor surface.

Yet ice is what we pack on our inflamed muscles when we have an injury, taking the sting out of the pain.  A hotflash sends me outdoors into the cold to bring me relief.

Being forced to slow down our overheated schedules isn't all bad.  Calmer paces allow space for reflection and quiet.  And quiet is where God speaks. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


If you've read many blog posts here, you know that Matilda (aka Tilly aka Hillbilly Tilly aka Tilly No) tries my patience.
Last week, I read a blog post that encouraged people to quit something.  Basically, it was to give people the freedom that not every commitment we make is a good or reasonable one, despite our intentions at the time it was made.  The writer went on to say that he knew someone that quit something every Thursday, whether it was a bad habit or a committee board.  Sometimes we have to make a tough decision that is for our better mental health.

Inspired, I decided last Thursday, New Year's Day, that I would give up hating Tilly.  I know, I know.  How could someone who cares for others' dogs hate their own dog?  Perhaps I'm risking some professional integrity, but I'm being honest.  And if you met Tilly, you'd understand and also pat me on the back and assure me it was amazing I'd made it six years with her.  To make matters worse, she committed a very awful atrocity that will go unnamed this Fall.  I won't tell you about it, but if I did, you'd wonder why I've kept her.

After realizing that I no longer needed caffeine in the morning to start my day because generally Tilly did something that made me so upset the adrenaline flowed, I decided that it had to stop.  I had to change my attitude.

Has Tilly changed?  Nope.  She's still herself.  But my attitude toward her has.  I've determined to do it.  But I'm not so amazing to think I can do this in my own power.  I've had to commit to some serious prayer - and often - in order to stay calm and remember.

Remember what?

I'm glad you asked.  Remember that Love bears all things.  But that kind of love is generally the love of God towards us.  And it's supernatural.  If I have any illusions I can love the way God does, I can only ask Him for His power to flow through me. 

It's true with people too.  We can quit our frustration toward others, our impatience, our disappointments when people fail us.  It's our choice.  And we can avail ourselves to enlisting the help of the Divine.

So, I share the blog writer's admonition - go quit something.