Friday, April 24, 2015

Dooley Does Wrong

This is Dooley, the best cat in my house.
I can't say he's the best cat in the world because he isn't.  But he never makes mistakes.

Until he left a huge scratch mark on my brand new screen.

To be fair, the cats have enjoyed a ripped screen that allows them to come and go through it like their own doggie door for many years.  But I finally got a new un-ripped screen.  The cats and dog have run into it numerous times (well, not too numerous since the weather hasn't been conducive to the screen being open).  When I found Dooley HANGING FROM THE SCREEN WITH HIS NAILS CLINGING TO IT I basically went nuts.

Dooley didn't budge.  Perhaps it was my ranting and arm flailing that caused the immobility.  Or maybe it was his determination that surely this screen must open somewhere.

That tear just bothers me so much.  How could Dooley betray me like that?  Then I remembered forgiveness.  I remembered Grace.

I do things wrong - sometimes I know it, sometimes I don't.  But Jesus forgives me when I hold up my hands with a heartfelt and embarrassed "oops."

Surely I can extend the same to my cat.  And to others.  For he who sins much, forgives much, and loves even more.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Sharing is Hard

Tilly has a new favorite toy.  The Piggie.
She carries it with her everywhere.  She jabs it at me, just to remind me of how fantastic Piggie is.

Tilly also has a friend visiting.  Ireland. (picture taken when Tilly had her outside toy and it was snowy).
Now, there seems to be a problem.
Perhaps Tilly believes that in Ireland's hands/paws, Piggie will not fare well.  Perhaps Tilly wants Piggie because it is HER Piggie after all.  Either way, Tilly has some fears.

I admire those people who without a second thought hand over their coat to someone who is in need of a coat (even when they are not spring cleaning).  I wonder.  Sometimes my heart to share is very conditional.  It is too often couched in fear and judgment.

I forget that "things" are easily replaced, but kindness lacks abundance in a land of plenty.

Maybe Tilly can't figure this out, but certainly I should be able to - share your toys - share your goodness - even share out of your weakness - the important this is to show God's love by the means He has gifted you.

For Tilly, another toy is just around the corner. And a blessing is there as well.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Out for a Little Adventure

Okay, it was a VERY little adventure.
But for dogs like Brutus and Tony (hi guys!), it was a good day.
Tilly (not pictured) was also along for this particular walk, and at one point, she got to race along her favorite stretch off leash.  This alone was very exciting for Brutus and Tony, "Look at her go!"  Not just a few steps later, a large paper bag was blowing across the field.  Can you believe it?

Then there was the time Tilly drug us all to a stop as she sniffed out a mouse.  Brutus and Tony watched in fascination as she ingested it.  (I, however, had a very different reaction)

But nothing compares to the numerous searches for the elusive Sewer Monster.  Every drainage pipe received a thorough inspection.  Alas, there was no Sewer Monster sighting, though whatever smells were unearthed, they were intriguing.

Dog World is a very small world for most dogs.  They take pleasure in the simple things of life.  Certainly that alone is a compelling case for us to slow down and look at the every day occurrences that seem dull and appreciate them.  For instance, I have been compelled to watch an errant cardboard box dance across the road and into the field beyond in serious wind.

Our ordinary lives may not be the stuff of retweets and viral videos.  And frankly - they shouldn't!  It raises our expectation that life is full of all high moments, instead of the ups and downs of what 99% of the world counts as "normal."  But normal is far from dull.  Look at the gifts God has given us every day.  Appreciate the beauty of a child's laugh.  Take on the challenge of trying to get the check out lady to crack a smile.  Brake in areas known for frequent squirrel crossing (and enjoy their fuzzy tails).

It seems odd to say that to have an adventure you need to slow down.  But, if you try it, you'll see that it's true.

Go take on your day!