Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Sharing is Hard

Tilly has a new favorite toy.  The Piggie.
She carries it with her everywhere.  She jabs it at me, just to remind me of how fantastic Piggie is.

Tilly also has a friend visiting.  Ireland. (picture taken when Tilly had her outside toy and it was snowy).
Now, there seems to be a problem.
Perhaps Tilly believes that in Ireland's hands/paws, Piggie will not fare well.  Perhaps Tilly wants Piggie because it is HER Piggie after all.  Either way, Tilly has some fears.

I admire those people who without a second thought hand over their coat to someone who is in need of a coat (even when they are not spring cleaning).  I wonder.  Sometimes my heart to share is very conditional.  It is too often couched in fear and judgment.

I forget that "things" are easily replaced, but kindness lacks abundance in a land of plenty.

Maybe Tilly can't figure this out, but certainly I should be able to - share your toys - share your goodness - even share out of your weakness - the important this is to show God's love by the means He has gifted you.

For Tilly, another toy is just around the corner. And a blessing is there as well.

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