Friday, April 24, 2015

Dooley Does Wrong

This is Dooley, the best cat in my house.
I can't say he's the best cat in the world because he isn't.  But he never makes mistakes.

Until he left a huge scratch mark on my brand new screen.

To be fair, the cats have enjoyed a ripped screen that allows them to come and go through it like their own doggie door for many years.  But I finally got a new un-ripped screen.  The cats and dog have run into it numerous times (well, not too numerous since the weather hasn't been conducive to the screen being open).  When I found Dooley HANGING FROM THE SCREEN WITH HIS NAILS CLINGING TO IT I basically went nuts.

Dooley didn't budge.  Perhaps it was my ranting and arm flailing that caused the immobility.  Or maybe it was his determination that surely this screen must open somewhere.

That tear just bothers me so much.  How could Dooley betray me like that?  Then I remembered forgiveness.  I remembered Grace.

I do things wrong - sometimes I know it, sometimes I don't.  But Jesus forgives me when I hold up my hands with a heartfelt and embarrassed "oops."

Surely I can extend the same to my cat.  And to others.  For he who sins much, forgives much, and loves even more.

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