Friday, December 2, 2011

Trusting Your Leader

You've met her before, but here she is again - Darcy, the Jack Russell Terrier. She visited the kennel recently and was the only dog for a couple of days. When this happens, I try to give them extra attention. Since there was plenty of post-Thanksgiving cleaning to do, I brought my dogs out to hang out with her while I did that.

After days of high winds and unplesant rain, finally the sun came out. I hitched Darcy up to a leash and took her for a long walk along with my two. She seemed very concerned at first - her tail was down and her ears were back.
"Where am I?" "Where is this crazy lady taking me?"

She kept htis up until we turned around and started back. Her tail was up and wagging. "Ah, now I know the path home."

Have you ever been down an unfamiliar path? Were you filled with concern, even fear? Sometimes we get a glimpse of that path "home" but sometimes we do not.

It's time to trust the leader.

No matter where a path leads us, the Lord guides us with his presence, even when our peace is shattered. We may seem far from home, but with the Lord, we are never that far at all.

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  1. I see this often at the rescue shelter i work/volunteer. these poor animals are so confused at first, then they start realizing that i am their friend and have no desire to hurt them. Of course since i feed them that doesn't hurt the bond either. it doesn't take them long to understand what i expect from them. and as the dogs and cats learn to trust me they want and need lots of attention and love. As i grow closer to God, allowing him into my life, trusting him and "bonding" in a relationship with him, it is easier for me to see what he expects from me.