Friday, June 8, 2012

See Me Grow

A year ago, a tiny kitten was dumped off on my property. Since then, the Captain has ruled the roost. Knowing no fear, he has attacked every dog and cat he's encountered, along with several bushes. He's discovered catnip and birdfeeders. As he's grown, not everything he's done or discovered pleases me. The scratch on my finger reminds me that he still has very litttle respect for me as provider of all food, etc. Yet, he still runs to me when he's frightened (which is not often) or uncertain. At night, he still wants to snuggle safely against my side. When I find myself off track, far from God, and in a strange and scary place, I'm so thankful I can run back to the Lord. There, by His side, I can find safety, grace and forgiveness.

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