Monday, July 7, 2014

Step on It

We tend to rush through our days, particularly those tasks that are mundane and we know how to do with little thought.

The last couple of weeks at the kennel has been insanely busy.  I was reminded to slow down.

By a giant paw on my foot:
This is Maggie (hi Maggie).  She's been here before and is a pretty easy dog, requiring little care.  It would be easy to breeze by her with a quick freshening of the water and a treat.

What Maggie really wants is love.  She is the Velcro type of dog that always has to have some part of her touching you, either by leaning on your legs so you can't move or stepping on your foot.

It is a reminder I needed.  Part of the fun of this job is petting the dogs and seeing the wag of their tails.  In fact, sometimes that is the ONLY fun there is!

It's made me wonder how much other important moments I miss by not slowing down and enjoying the quiet easy moments.  And how can I hear God's still voice if I'm making a racket?

What about you?  What lessons have you learned by keeping a slower pace?


  1. Slower Pace????? What exactly is a slower pace?
    Too many projects. Too little time.

    1. Ha! I know who you are! Slow down already! Why, you may even want to "make a list".

  2. Although MS kicks my butt some days, I am thankful for the idea of slowing down. Even though it was "forced" on me. I have been required to take my time in projects and life in general. I still have the bad habit of thinking it needs done "now". And I mean "right now". But the reality is most things can be taken at a much slower pace with enjoying the moment instead of rushing through it. God has provided so much for us to enjoy. We shouldn't take it for granted.

    1. Melissa, you always inspire me with your words and wisdom you've learned through this tough illness.