Friday, September 19, 2014

What are You Pursuing?

How can it be three  weeks since the last blog post?  Is it because one week I was mowing the yard in a tank top and took a dip in the pond because it was so hot and the next I was mowing bundled up in a coat and had to make a fire to warm up?  Yes, that could be it - and the lingering cold symptoms.

This is Lucy and her very favorite toy at the kennel.  She is a rare dog in that she is allowed to run outside with Tilly.  She has since she was a very young dog living with a very old dog.  It was when Tilly was a very young dog and Foster was our very old dog.  Tilly and Lucy love to play with these balls.

Lucy loves to swim, so I threw the ball in the pond for her several times.  Now Lucy is not in the best of shape, so I knew she would wear out soon.  However, she is DRIVEN and does not stop obsessing with the ball ever.  So when the ball went under the raft in the pond and she couldn't reach it, and wouldn't stop trying, I feared for her life.  No matter how many times I called her, she wouldn't stop sticking her head under the raft trying to get the ball.

Fortunately, she finally paid attention to me.  When she got to land, very tired, I grabbed onto her so that she wouldn't change her mind, as she kept looking back at the raft.  What she loved most to pursue in her life could have ended it.

Isn't it true that there are things that obsess us to distraction, despair, and our detriment?  Sure, these are not always bad things, but they are not often worthy of our tireless pursuit.

Emilie Barnes said, "God has put into each of our lives a void that cannot be filled by the world.  We may leave God or put Him on hold, but He is always there, patiently waiting for turn back to Him."

Today stop and consider what is exhausting you.  Is it worth it really?  What is worth more is connecting with God and living a life dedicated to what is important to Him.  When we want what He wants and love what He loves, the rest of our life can fall into a peaceful harmony.

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