Monday, March 2, 2015

Dooley's Big Adventure

This is Dooley (hi Dooley!)
Dooley is a former boarder who is now on the road with his people.  In a motorhome, that is!  With a penchant for routine and familiarity, it is an understatement to say that he is outside his comfort zone.  His owners tell me his ears flatten and his body shakes with certain pings the RV makes.  Every now and then, he chews out of anxiety.

It's not easy to do new things.  It IS easy to do the same thing over and over - go nowhere new, do nothing challenging.  When a dog comes to the kennel the first time, it may not be their favorite thing to do, but generally by their second time, they have a sense of confidence because they were able to successfully endure being away from home.  It is the same for us.

At this beginning of March, think of some new things you can do that will challenge you socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Maybe they are four different things.  Maybe they are all one thing at the same time. 

Our human weakness is to always seek comfort the easy way.  There's something to be said for routine, but sometimes a person needs a kick in the pants.  Examine what that may be for you, and go do it.

God has allowed us enormous privilege to live in a country that allows us to do a variety of activities.  He does want us to enjoy and challenge ourselves.  It is His gift.  And He will be with us in all things.


  1. I 1000% agree with you! Time for some pants kickin'.

  2. Sadly my challenge is enduring the pain from losing my mom and best friend this weekend. Her burial is today and THAT is enough of an adventure for me. Talk about a change of routine. I told dad last night after visitation, it felt horribly odd to not go back to their house and tell mom about our day. She was always involved in every aspect of our lives and for this she is dearly missed.