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Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Bittersweet

This is Bugs (hi Bugs!)
Bugs was adopted after he was rescued from neglect.  When he was first boarded at the kennel, he had a learning curve as he got used to the new routine but he quickly figured it out.  He's come to the kennel for well over a decade and he's now a senior canine citizen.

As I go through the last few days of watching dogs (for the summer, maybe forever), I'm saying goodbye to wonderful dogs and owners, many of whom I will not see again.  But I'm immensely thankful to have understanding people who have even affirmed this decision.  It is indeed bittersweet to put something behind me that has been so meaningful.

And yet, it is the right decision, and the "sweet" part has offered glimmers of what is to come.

Trusting God with the unknown is hard in every area of our lives.  Yet that is what we are called to - setting out on the adventure He has for us, great and small.

It's Memorial Day, and one can't say enough about the brave men and women who set out on an unknown adventure for a cause greater than themselves.  Your sacrifice has my greatest admiration.


  1. Trusting God with the unknown. I followed a new path in my journey, feeling I was needed elsewhere and that I would gain a renewed faith. Scared and yet excited, I believe I have a found a new church to get involved. It has been a couple months now, I truly feel as if God has put me in this new environment. So as my journey has taken a turn I never expected, I feel blessed and have the faith I am where He led. Maybe not for the duration of my life, but for what my purpose in life is today. God be with you Lynn as your journey continues and He leads you.

  2. Excited to see where this new adventure in your life goes.
    You're on the Restoration Road.