Friday, October 2, 2015

Entertain Me

Tilly got bored quickly this morning.
Not only did she not get to go on my quick car errand, I didn't fill her favorite cube toy with food when she wanted me to.  She's bossy that way.  Look at that shameless plea for attention.

Parents often hear "I'm bored" from their children.  But aren't we the same?  Don't we flit from thing to thing so we don't get bored?  Sometimes our sense of duty and purpose demands we stay busy.  Too many of us buy the lie that if we are busy, we must be important. 

The Bible gets misused a lot, but no one misquotes "Be Still" or claims an attribute of God as the "Holy Multitasker."

Each morning, my mind fills with things I need to do today.  It can be overwhelming and the tyranny of the immediate threatens to crush the joy of living right out of me.  If I'm fortunate, I'll remember to be still.  I'll remember that each task I do is tied to a blessing - my clothes needing to be washed (aren't I fortunate to own that many socks) - the kennel dog bowls (what a blessing my business has been) and even the cat and dog bowls in the house (the cats and dog entertain and comfort me - usually).

Constantly being on the run doesn't mean you are more virtuous than others.  If you work from dawn to dusk, it will not earn you God's favor.  Some of us don't have a choice but to address needs and demands that fill our days.  One of my favorite stories is how John Wesley's mother handled her very full house of ten children when she needed to seek God.  She simply flipped her apron over her face and prayed.  The family knew to leave her alone.  And it worked - she produced some pretty amazing kids that influenced the culture.

Lives get out of balance quickly.  Our day gets away from us despite our best intentions.  But we don't have to let our to-do lists take us away from what is most important.

Today find your quiet place to seek God. 

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  1. Hence why I don't make a list......If I don't remember what I need to do, it's no biggie; I don't get stressed out! ha!