Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Not Two of a Kind

Meet Oliver and Meow.
This is one of my favorite pictures.  Perhaps it should be explained that yes, they are owned by the same family and yes, they said they could be together.  You can't quite see that Meow is basically as big as Oliver.

Despite being Dog and Cat, they get along great, to the point they can even occupy the same small space.

Have you noticed how uncivil we've become?  What is said on social media wouldn't be said face to face.  If you were sitting in a room with someone, it is unlikely your tone would match what you post.  And then it is unlikely that others commenting and ganging up on another would do so in person.

Unless it becomes a habit.  When you think that way, you are training yourself to act that way.

And two caged domesticated animals act better.  We can do better too. 

But how do we do that?  How can we make changes?  How do we not fall back on our knee jerk reactions?  It is rooted in wisdom.

The "wisdom of the world" is not the same as God's wisdom.  The "world" doesn't value meekness in any form.  It is instead viewed as "weakness" and is usually exploited.  True wisdom is eternal, unchanging.  If we listen to a voice that is not rooted in the Lord, we follow that which may become "bitter envy and selfish ambition."  That "habit" quickly can become a lifestyle.  Often, I look at my own social media imprint and notice a striking resemblance to selfish ambition (easily done when social media is where you try to "grow your audience).

God came down at Christmas in Jesus.  When Jesus went back home, He left believers the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom is not so far away.  Christmas reminds us that Jesus came for us all, but few follow.  Not only does Jesus come as Messiah, He is the Giver of Life, both NOW and forever.

If you don't worry about your eternal home much, maybe you could worry a bit more about your temporary one.  What are the tools that get you through?  Are they reliable?  Are they True?  Are they unchanging?  There is much to cloud our vision and dedication to God, but the sacrifice is so small compared to what God wants to give in return.

It is the best Christmas gift a person could ever receive.  And it's free.  And it's for you.

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