Thursday, July 27, 2017

Generosity - Is It Contagious?

See those cute little bandanas around the necks of Spike and Bert (those are the dogs)?  That's where it began.  With patriotic bandanas.
Spike and Bert belong to some neighbors, who were away from home while picking up their daughter, who had just completed Marine Boot Camp.  Impressive.  A different neighbor decorated for their return home, including giving me the bandanas for their dogs so they were decorated as well.  As you can imagine, it was a festive time.

Actually, it didn't really begin with bandanas.  The neighbors I have out here on the Gold Coast of Hardin County are wonderful at looking after each other.  When I broke my shoulder in mid-May, I was the recipient of much kindness and help.

But this story began with those bandanas.  The generosity just flowed, and the next thing I knew, my lawn was being mowed (not by me), and then limbs were removed and brush was pulled.  Work I couldn't physically do even with two good shoulders.  As I watched this work, I had that rare heart-warming feeling, the one you get when someone is being amazing.  It shouldn't be rare, but it is.

I became aware of a few other instances of generous spirits pouring out, their actions done quietly.  And those are just the ones I knew about.  Even little things, like when I was cleaning my windows and one popped out and I could not move.  Fortunately a neighbor responded quickly and helped me get it back on track.

Maybe it is the "little things" that seem of no consequence, but these little things translate into a big attitude shift.  When we experience another's generosity, we very well may pass it along to the next person.

Dogs know no limit when it comes to pouring out their love and affection.  Perhaps we can start doing the same.

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  1. You have been well looked after for sure.
    People love you and care about your well-being.
    Glad so many stepped up to the plate to help a fractured shoulder girl.