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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dog in Da Hood

Look - it's Tilly. In a hoodie.
I adopted Tilly from a local humane society four years ago. Oh how time flies. Her unusual markings and friendly nature are what made her stand out when I saw her on Petfinder. Plus, her name was "Pumpkin" there. Foster didn't hate her so that seemed like a plus. Giving it a few days to think it over, I went back and adopted her.

She's as sweet of a dog as I could want. She's also a lot more stubborn and willfull than I could want. She drives me crazy yet she still loves me. Foster would rather not have her around but she daily interacts with him with as much enthusiasm as I have for a double scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Now that's love.

How eagerly God longs to adopt each of us as His own. We only need to turn to Him and he can't wait to take us home. Even if we're idiots, He puts up with us, even embracing those parts of us that are most strange.

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