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Monday, November 7, 2011

Life of Riley

This is Riley (hi Riley!). Riley belongs to a friend of mine and has special "house privileges." Still, he misses home.
Isn't that pathetic? Or is it?
What a difference a belly rub makes? Suddenly, Riley is my slave... Honestly, I'm not much different. I've spent plenty of time "looking out the window" wishing things were different than how they have been. Easily I can make myself miserable with such musings. Sometimes a change of attitude is as simple as looking at who is next to me, sometimes right there on the couch, to see that life as it is can be quite enjoyable as well. Perhaps it's not my ideal, but is far from a misery. Today don't turn your anger on God, wishing He'd change your circumstances. Instead, think of the many good things God has allowed into your life, even as you pine for home.

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