Thursday, February 6, 2014


While most dogs do well at the kennel, there is a small number who look at me as if I am the Worst Person in the World who Hates Dogs.  No matter what I pull out of my bag of tricks, the dog will not warm up to me.

When their owner returns, they are so ridiculously gleeful that I feel embarrassed, and think maybe I really am the Worst Person in the World.
Last night I heard a teaching on how Jesus' death and resurrection frees us from the punishment of all of our wrongdoings and shortcomings.  It made me think of all that Jesus has freed me from, not just the Big One.

Jesus has freed me from crippling grief.  He's saved me from despair over circumstances that become tedious and overwhelming.  The great love of Christ has freed me from concern of what others think or expect of me.  In other words, not only is my salvation after death secure, but every day I can walk in freedom, and well over my trying circumstances.

And so can you.  From what do you need to be freed?  What are you most thankful for on a daily basis?

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