Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Lot of Love

Last week, Tug was here.  In this picture, he was still maturing (and it wasn't snowing).  Now, he weighs in around 170 pounds.
This year, I decided to choose a different positive trait to pray about.  January was "Love."  So I prayed to be more loving.  As one might imagine, it really didn't seem like it was working.  Feelings of irritation still flitted through my mind when bumping into people throughout my little world.  Then yesterday, a few situations were brought to mind and I realized I definitely was more caring/loving about the people involved.  YAY!

Then this morning, I heard a message about John, "the disciple Jesus loved."  Sometimes it sounded like maybe John was bragging, but this Bible teacher suggested that John merely identified himself as being loved by Jesus, just the way Jesus loves EACH of us.

What if I'd been praying that I become more aware that I am the one Jesus loves?  What if I sought more to feel loved by God, to see the daily evidence in my life?  Fortunately, all is not lost.  This can be my prayer from here on out.  After all, how can I love others if I don't fully appreciate God's love for me?

And in case you're wondering, February's focus is Joy.  With this winter, Joy is needed!

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