Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's Your Battle?

What do you see in this picture?
A dog attacking a helpless cat?  A cat ripping the dog's face off?  An extremely dirty kitchen floor?

All three are correct, except Tilly and Captain play like this All. The. Time.

Perhaps you identify with an oppressive force keeping you flat on your back.  Maybe you identify with being the Top Dog, going after your problems with ferocity.

No matter where you are in the fight, we all do battle, either with a person or a situation, through our own poor choices or just innocently living our lives.  Problems are impossible to avoid - it's part of living. 

How do you handle your battle?  We need to be honest with our feelings, as slapping a false front can be insincere.  At the same time, we need to work toward living above the tough circumstances.  Sure, that may sound good and noble, but is it possible?  For me, I can only do so by acknowledging that without God's help and power, I can't do it.  Left to my own devices, I wallow in self-pity, becoming angered easily, an impatient mess.

Today submit to God your struggle.  Admit that it's too much - that it's awful.  Ask for the strength of God's mighty hand.  Ask for redemption.  The important thing is that you ask.

 but also, getting to a place where we can live above our

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that in my life, daily battles are more consuming than the "big" battles. With the "big" battles, we can pull others in to help us without feeling self pity for asking. Other's can help fulfill our needs and asking for help, from those we surround ourselves with, becomes an easily performed task. Our prayer commitments and faith, while others are supporting us, becomes an easy effort. But those daily life challenges, the "little" frustrations that we all suffer from, seem too little to ask for guidance and help. We feel as if they aren't big enough to pull others into with prayer and help. We take on the challenges individually, most times with out even asking our Lord for help. Feeling as if these aren't "important" enough to seek God's help or those around us. But in reality, if we seek comfort for those "little" frustrations, we can find comfort daily in our Lord's arms.

    It is my "little" daily efforts that keep me in check. Those annoying minute by minute problems that exist in my life that I need to go to the Lord for and seek comfort. With this I am ready to face the challenge of the "big" problems that are a part of all our lives. Thank you Lynn for taking the time to witness what a comfort our Lord is.