Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Favorite Toy

Yesterday I bought Tilly two new toys, both with loud, obnoxious squeakers in them.  She was thrilled.  The most annoying one she squeaked several times.  Then she went on a mad dash upstairs. 

And came down with this instead, her old toy:
It's her current favorite, a little stuffed animal I call "Justin Beaver."  As you can tell, she is delighted with this gnarly beast.

Why did she take the new toy upstairs to dump it for this?  Was she thinking, "I am squeaking new toy.  Toy is fun.  Thoughts of other toy fun.  Go get other toy fun."

But we all have our favorites, don't we?  A favorite movie, vacation spot, candy bar or friend evokes fond memories.  It's why we return to it time and again.

Today, find a place to thank God for the very simple joys that bring you happiness and comfort. 

What's your pet's favorite toy?

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