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Friday, May 2, 2014

I Don't Miss You

Recently, I took a five day vacation, seeking to rest body and mind.  On the third day, I thought, "I do not miss Tilly."  A few hours later, someone asked, "Do you miss Tilly?"  "I do not miss Tilly," is what I wanted to say, and did.  This seemed to surprise them.

It's okay to not miss your pet when they annoy you with their exuberance.  It's okay to miss  your child when they go away for camp or you go out for the evening.  We all need space now and then.

But when I'm away from God, I realize I do miss Him.  Once I can empty my mind of the clutter, I seek God.  Then I feel full in ways I don't with other relationships, whether animal, vegetable, mineral, or human. 

Recently I heard someone say the longer they stayed away from God, the more awkward it was to return.  They said it was like not calling a friend and after awhile, you didn't want to call them because the need to explain and catch up was worse than the initial delay, and on goes the cycle.

God misses us.  We do not get on His nerves.  We are no bother.  It's impossible to wake him up in the middle of the night for a request or chat.  Even when we avoid Him, he welcomes us back with arms wide open, no matter how long we've been away or how pouty we feel.

When you need a break, God's presence heals and fulfills.  Run in that direction today.

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  1. hmmm, Now who would ask if you miss that adorable pup Tilly!