Saturday, May 10, 2014

Say Yes to Monkeys!

Recently, I had a birthday. 

After a large showering of gifts at Christmas from my favorite Zumba people, I asked that if anyone inquired about my birthday, to just have it be "no big deal."
Previously, I've been blessed with a WIDE variety of sock monkey themed gifts.  Somehow people thought I was in love with sock monkeys.
Last Christmas, I asked for a moratorium on sock monkeys.
Not because I am missing sock monkeys in my life.  Not because I want more gifts.  But because if people want to give you a gift, you say yes and enjoy it, whether modest, extravagant, monkey or non-monkey.
Who do I think that I am to limit what others want to do for me?  When I want to give a friend a gift, I don't want them to tell me no. 

Would I tell God "No, I don't want your blessing?"  But I bet I have done that.  The wonderful things the Lord sends into our lives aren't necessarily obvious.  He gives us beautiful flowers and we walk by them, because we have a list.
He gives us opportunities, but if they don't fit into our own plan, we pass them too.
Today, and every day, look for the gifts in your life.  Most importantly, look to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.
And is someone wants to give you a monkey, say yes!


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  1. WHAT??????? We can overload you with goodies again now?
    We have your permission?