Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sticking Your Neck Out

This is Skipper.  Or at least, this is Skipper's head, poking out of the gap in his kennel run.  Don't worry, Skipper did not get stuck!
Skipper is a happy little dog who, in typical dachshund fashion, dashes faster than you'd think short legs would carry him.  While he is quite good about going back into his run (especially if it is meal time), he still likes to see what else is going on around him.

There's that fine line between being kind and concerned with people and just being nosey.  There are those "Brick Wall" moments when we see others heading toward bad choices.  We want to stop them and yell, "Hey, you are driving toward a brick wall!  Stop!" but we don't.  Sometimes there is nothing we can do but watch the decline, even if we've tried some "hints."

When is the proper time to have that awkward conversation?  Do we stop because we fear the other person will fight back?  Does it just depend on the bad decision?  What are your thoughts?

God wants us to care about each other - to be our brother's keeper.  And it would seem that Jesus believes our neighbors are not determined by their address.  It's hard to be discerning, and it's hard to speak truth into someone's life when our culture says that a person can do pretty much whatever they want if it makes them happy.

Perhaps you've had times of running toward those brick walls.  Maybe the brick walls have won.  Would it have made a difference if someone had talked to you prior?  What approach do you think reflects kindness and love?

Maybe we can't stick our heads out to help someone every time, but we are to love at all times.  Sometimes love means doing hard things.  And in all things, there is prayer.

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  1. I honestly don't do well with people sticking their nose in our/my business. I don't think I would handle it well being "approached" about an issue. I must be odd!