Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dealing with Grey Areas

This is Carbon.  It's almost like she's camouflaged in this tree. 
As Fall descends upon the area, we lose the vibrant colors that enriched our world.  And with the fewer sunny days and increased cloudy days, it is a sure test of our mind and soul.

Our lives feel that way too sometimes.  We can't sustain the mountain-top highs of happiness, and we slog through the dreary valleys of blackness that accompanies personal and national tragedies.  We tend to teeter along in the middle of every day tedious routine.

Some of the decisions we make - either the Big Ticket items such as jobs, moving, etc. or the daily responsibilities - are very clear to us.  No, we don't want to live in North Dakota in January and yes, I do want to try that new restaurant.  But what do we do when things are unclear?

While we have God's word to guide us in making choices that are healthy for us (emotionally and physically), we tend to want more!  Some people seem to sense Holy Spirit leading for those every day confusions that are not specific in scripture.  Then there is me, who I often feel God gives the Divine Shrug and what I hear is, "meh".  Could it be that he wants me to think things through, look at the big picture, and exam long term implications?!  What?  I have to THINK?!

When I use the phrase "grey areas", it tends to imply what is morally ambiguous.  In Christianese, that's "disputable matters."  In other words, when God doesn't give us the plum line to follow in His Word the Bible, then we muscle through these decisions.  God created us uniquely.  He sends some of us to places others aren't comfortable going.  I recently had an example of that.  Where I felt a distinct caution, another had no problems and experienced fruit in the relationship made there. 

That is beautiful.  God keeps us on our toes - he wants us to think, to examine what His word is, but also keeping us uncomfortable in our lives to a healthy extent.

Life isn't supposed to be too easy.  But in all circumstances, we can experience God's peace, if we only run to Him.


  1. "Divine Shrugs" can be maddening sometimes. Because hours/days/years may go by where we just may not know where we are truly to be. Sigh......at least His shoulders get a workout!

  2. Completely understanding to run to God !! Been jogging for years now. Couldn't do it without Him.

    1. Your words are always encouraging, Melissa!