Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do Not Provoke

This is Cooper.
Cooper doesn't enjoy his time at the kennel.  He hides under his blanket and often pretends not to hear me call him to go outside.

"This is NOT happening to me" I imagine him saying to himself. 

What I've learned with Cooper is it's best to take time with him.  Unlike most dogs, he won't rush out the door to take care of business.  If I rush him, he gets cranky.  He does not like to be provoked out of his hiding place.

"Love does not provoke."  What does that mean?  I've thought a lot about it.  Sometimes in conversations with other, I'm tempted to say something that may provoke a certain response from others.  However, it's not always to provoke laughter.  Sometimes I proudly want to say something that I know others may not like.  And that's bad.

Why would I want to upset anyone?  When I really thought about that, it was my pride.  I wanted to be right.  I wanted the other person to know I was right.

And that's just wrong.

Love does not provoke. 

The battle to control my tongue is never ending.


  1. I re-read this several times in my heading saying things like...
    but she...
    well if it wasn't for her personality....
    But that Bible verse pretty much says....NO EXCUSES.
    Just plain not provoke. Period.
    Sigh, , ,if only I were as perfect as that Lynne E. Scott!

  2. Your blog is a great resource to know what you are about as a human. You make the battle with controlling your tongue appear easy. So I would declare it (although ongoing I am sure) a success !! Now me on the other hand. . .well, a term, "a losing battle" comes to mind. =) Thankfully, our God is loving, full of grace and forgiving. Otherwise, I would be doomed.