Saturday, August 22, 2015

We Are Not Enemies

From this picture, you may assume that Carbon (grey) and Captain (orange) are two cats who get along so well that they can nap within a few feet of each other. 
But, in fact, this is rare. 

Usually, they will not even pass through a doorway at the same time.  There is hissing, spitting, and fighting.  And, it's ridiculous.

But aren't we the same way?  It's not hard to find good examples of people who hiss, spit and fight with each other.  Maybe you even do it.  I know have (and do).  It's tempting to believe these people, who are different, believe differently, and act differently are Bad.  Evil.  Worthless.

It's a lie.

"When it is within your power to do so, be at peace with everyone."  Those are God's words to us.  Philosophically, we wonder why we can't get along with each other.  Then we just look at our own behavior (or our unspoken, yet uncharitable, thoughts) and it's abundantly clear we are great contributors to strife.

Like Carbon and Captain, we wander the same planet, eat the same food and breathe the same air.  Maybe we do think, believe and act differently.  Isn't that (for the most part)....okay?  Apart from the occasional sociopath, getting along is not really that hard, even if it may mean staying away from someone. 

Pray for the peace God gives to fill your own soul.  Pray for the transformation the Holy Spirit does within us, in His power, to extend it to others.  An honest assessment of ourselves may mean we do okay in our own efforts, but mostly they are failures.  Only God's power can create the change from contempt to love.

Then, the lion will lay down with the lamb.

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