Sunday, August 2, 2015

When It's Not Your Fight

Maybe it was the full moon, or maybe it was some random reason, but Frank decided he needed to stay out all night with Carbon and Captain.  Frank is twelve years old, so this was a real stretch for the old man.

When he came in the next morning, he was dragging with exhaustion, along with a limp in his front foot.  During the night, yowling cats woke the rest of the household, so I suspect Frank was at least half that fight.
Doesn't he look comfy?  He slept alllll day.

Who knows what he was fighting about, but it likely wasn't worth the price he paid.

And isn't that true for us too?  How many arguments do we have that are truly worthwhile?  What dust-ups have caused distance and hard feelings, the origin of which are long forgotten?  What part have I played in making a situation much worse than it warrants?  Too many times I'm not as innocent a party as I'd like to think - much like Frank the cat.

When we are wronged, and I mean severely, big ticket item, wronged, we can't always protect ourselves or defend the truth.  While certainly there are times when a stand must be made, it can be done so with calm reason sans name calling and rock throwing.  "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord" (not 'insert your name here').  The Lord is one of justice, and when we can't stand, He stands for us and vindicates us. 

Examine yourself.  Sometimes it's no fun, but what the Holy Spirit may reveal is a gift because He can transform that ugly into beautiful.  And He makes beautiful things out of us.

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