Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Strange Benchfellows

It's Dooley.  It's Captain.  Within inches of each other and not fighting.

It's a Ground Hog Day Miracle.
Okay, it's not a great picture, mainly because it was cloudy, which is why the Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow and we'll have an Early Spring.

Captain loves to beat up on peace-loving Dooley.  When I caught them napping on the same bench together, it was a true surprise.  I guess when you want to enjoy the warmth of the woodburner and avoid the clumping paws of the dogs, cooperation and tolerance are necessary.

Our world can be cold and people regularly beat us up with their words and attitudes.  And to be fair, we may dish out some of the beating too. 

Jesus came to call an unlikely group to Himself for forgiveness, grace and new life and freedom.  While there are no obstacles other than our own pride to prevent us to get to Him, there are plenty of other Christ followers who cause us a lot of grief and discouragement.

AND YET....Jesus said getting along is important.  Forgiving, as Christ forgives us (ouch).  And like porcupines in the storm (as Steve Brown says), when we're beat up, we need each other for kindness and mercy.  We may not want to get along, but often we can focus on what is truly important and let the other stuff fall aside (no matter how right you are and wrong they are!). 

A warm heart is not easy to foster, but with Jesus' amazing grace, he can create a new one in us.  When we are with other Christ-followers, that warmth can grow and extend to others.  And that's really what Jesus was about.  Sit on the bench with your enemy.  After all, he is sitting next to you.


  1. And who are my 'enemies' that I see on a daily basis/weekly/monthly????? I don't think I would classify my normal crowd as enemies. Should I be hunting down my enemies and sitting with them on that bench???? Who are my enemies, Lynne?

    1. Perhaps by enemy don't think of outright hostility in a relationship. Sometimes it is conflict, discomfort, etc. Only you can determine this!

  2. I was being real proud that I couldn't think of an "enemy" that I see on a daily/weekly/monthly basis! PRIDE isn't always good, is it?