Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are You are a More Discerning Eater Than Your Dog?

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you eat them.

Walking Tilly in Florida is a challenge. Her head swings from side to side, looking for something interesting to ingest. Despite her regular, generous portions of dog food, she snacks on whatever is before her.

She particularly likes these:

Tilly is strong willed and she wears a prong collar. I constantly need to watch the ground with her and correct her before she eats more items that will cause her distress later.

As I measured my growing irritation with her, it struck me that I am no better. Am I driving God crazy by wanting so much spiritual junk food? Being human and vulnerable, wanting to grab what is right in front of me out of convenience and short term pleasure always pulls at me.

When my diet is full of vegetables, lean protein, etc., my body feels better. Yet, I'm always one french fry away from eating what tastes good at the moment. Relationally, I'm tempted to do the same, seeking or being content with relationships and habits that are hollow instead of focusing on what builds me up and makes me a better, healthier person.

What's your struggle? How do you keep yourself healthy? And just what kind of weird nut is that which Tilly eats?

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  1. my answers to each question:

    self-esteem. zumba and weight watchers. i have no idea, i'm just glad that it's actually a nut.