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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snug as a Bug in a...Bed

Here's Luuuuuuuuucyyy!!!! (hi Lucy! wake up!!)

Pretty much everywhere in the country is c-cold right now. Where does one go to find warmth? Where is warmth? How can you find relief?

Lucy climbed into her master's bed, still warm from when she left it, to warm Lucy's old bones. And she sure looks comfortable, doesn't she?

Sometimes it's hard to find relief from situations that either leave us feeling cold or leave us out in the cold. Our world and our individual lives can feel very isolated and cold sometimes. Just like winter, we go through a season. We hope, like winter, it doesn't last too long. Sometimes it feels like it will go on forever (like winter). It's easy to lose hope and despair.

There is no warmth that penetrates the core of our being like love. At home, I use a wood burner to provide a rich heat. However, it can't last like an everlasting love. Here on earth, we search for relief, for love. Our friends provide it. Family provides it. And of course our pets do too! Yet there is no everlasting love quite like the warmth of our Master. All we need to do is climb into His arms to experience it.


  1. Oh how true it is in my life that I seek instant gratification. I try to have patience as well as pray for the "warmth" I am needing. I easily have the warmth from family and my pets, (mostly my newly adopted chihuahua) but I struggle for that inner warmth daily that should be so easily accepted ! It is a free gift to me from God yet I sometimes avoid recieving his precious warmth. (I've been here but thanks, wouldn't miss your witnessing it helps me daily)

  2. Never thought i would be saying that. But yes I do. Willy(terrier mix)isn't sure if it's a rabbit or other rodent. But Wonka the chihuahua loves his new family and home. He wasn't in the best condition (neglected) when he came home with me but he is doing GREAT now.

  3. Send me a picture of Wonka along with some information to the yahoo email address on the side. I'd love to write about this new addition to your household!

  4. oh yeah and i love that lucy is famous for sleeping! 12 plus years of loving her owner . . . i'm glad she feels so comfortable. :)