Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Mayor of Sunset Beach

There are a lot of people in Sunset Beach who want Jean to win the lottery. Why, you ask? Is it because she'll share the cash? Well, sort of. Jean states that if she wins the lottery, she's going to have Shiloh cloned.

See Shiloh, cooling off in the water? (It's Florida, dogs need to keep cool).

Shiloh knows no strangers and everyone knows Shiloh. When he sees a new person, he must make their acquaintance. He wins people over quickly. He also likes to meet the news dogs as well, with whom he is most gracious.

My theory is that Shiloh wants to share his fabulosity with others, but he also wants to see the fabulosity OF others. We all have our fabulosity, we just don't always share it with others.

Today, seek the fabulosity of someone else, and feel free to let yours shine as well. Just like Shiloh.

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