Monday, January 30, 2012

Setting a Good Example

Here's Bugs (hi Bugs!). He was a guest at the kennel this weekend. Before adoption by his new owner, Bugs lived in a trailer with a couple of littermates where they never went outside or saw other dogs or people.
The first few times Bugs was at the kennel, he had a lot of accidents. Now, he never has any and is a total good kennel citizen.

Also at the kennel this weekend were two pups who haven't been well socialized (and also have many accidents). After watching their temperaments closely, I let them go outside with Bugs. Immediately, they looked at Bugs like he was God - so big and powerful (they are a small breed). Bugs showed neither contempt or admiration for the pups, just went about business as usual.

Sometimes, we think our broken pasts are marks against us and limit our ability to be good role models to others. The opposite is the case. Through the fingers of the Lord, our pain can be sifted and redeemed, using it for good and not evil. When we learn lessons, often through painful circumstances or personal failings, we can offer others understanding, patience, and acceptance.

Who is watching you?

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