Monday, January 23, 2012

What Do You Cling To?

This is Olive.
Maybe if she could really read, I might find her more endearing.

When Olive showed up at my home, she was stuck in one of the trees near the road. My guess is she was dumped there and she sought refuge in the closest, highest vertical surface she could scale.

I heard her squawking from across the yard. Since she was too scared to come down on her own, I had to find a ladder, put on a very thick flannel coat, and climb up to get her. Since it was the first time we met, she didn't know if she could trust me and was hesitant to let me grab her. Eventually, I took her by the nape of the neck and pulled her off the tree and onto my thick coat. It seems all ten claws needed to be yanked out and then reinstalled on my coat.

Since her return to earth, Olive has enjoyed a good life. She was skinny (hence her name - Olive Oil)then and had a bad infection. Now she's healthy and does nothing but sleep. And squawk. Squawking is her main form of communication.

When I'm afraid, I tend to cling to what appears to be firm and safe (like a bag of Oreos). However, it is a false and temporary safety (and high in fat and calories). There is really only one harbor of safety.

"Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life," Peter told Jesus.

And where can we go for real truth and real love?

Today if you find yourself up a tree, turn to Him and cling to Him.

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