Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Behaving Under Stress

When dogs come to the kennel, I don't expect them to be on their best behavior.  Perhaps at home they are expected to sit, stay, come, don't jump, etc., but at dog camp, they pretty much may act a bit wild. 

Which is fine.  Remembering obedience when in a different environment is difficult.
As people, we often experience stress that tempts us to stray from behavior we know is correct.  We want to snap at people who are rude.  When the faucet handle breaks, we want to swear (which happened this morning).  It's not easy to walk the talk when we are challenged.

What is in our hearts - to love and be kind to others - is a lot more difficult when push comes to shove, particularly if we are getting shoved a LOT.

We can't do it under our own power.  We need to ask for God's strength, patience, and perspective.  That's about the only way we have any hope.  And when we inevitably make mistakes - snapping, swearing - the Lord is only one who can forgive us completely.

Keep trying - keep praying - keep loving.

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  1. Haha, swear when the faucet handle breaks !! This would be me for sure !!