Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Caring about the Sparrows

I'm still sad about it.

There was a family of wrens who made an unfortunate choice to nest on my front porch.

They survived the constant attention of cats.  For the last two weeks, they've been feeding their young.  Then the windows guys showed up.  They made a LOT of noise.

The wrens haven't been back. 

"God cares about the sparrow."  This is my only solace.  I didn't want those darn birds there in the first place and look what happened - heart break.  But God cares.  It's hard to care when you know there will be a bad ending.  It's hard to care when there's a good one.  But we are supposed to care because God cares.

Lord, help me to keep caring when I don't want to have my heart break.

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  1. I can sympathize with you Lynn. I used to have birds making nests in the birdhouses I have around. Even had a momma bird return every year to nest on my front porch is a basket of sort on the wall. No longer do I get these birds due to 5 of my 6 cats. To top it off, I find the results of my cats hunting in the driveway everyday. It is painful to see this, yet my heart went out to these sickly and scared cats when they were kittens. I still have 2 that are always at the vet for one reason or another. So I guess nature has to take its course when saving cats from a lack of quality life. God knows our hearts are in the right place with saving strays or sick animals.