Monday, August 12, 2013

Car Full of Crazy

While my dear friend attempts to sell one home and buy another, I've had her dogs for an extended amount of time.  They are faring well, but I don't want them to get too bored.  Every now and then, our daily walks end up being car destinations to exotic locations ten minutes away.  However, it is really quite an ordeal.
In fact, it's a bit of a scene.  Three dogs in a car.  Three dogs out of the car.  Me wrangling them to some order to move forward for two plus miles.

It's worth it.  Another reminder that we need each other - for conversation or presence.  Either way, it can't be done alone.


  1. You, Lynn, are the BEST dog sitter ever. Above and beyond the typical boarding. Give me a call sometime and I would love to help on your "outings". (but I will drive separately LOL) Advance notice required =)

  2. Thanks Melissa! Heehee! Yeah, and I obviously look spectacular as well! Not a slave to fashion!