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Monday, November 11, 2013

Rescue Me

First, since it's Veterans Day, thank you to all who have put their life on the line to protect our country.  Not enough can be said or done to acknowledge the sacrifice and risk men and women of many generations have made.

While I like to think that every dog warms to me the way I warm to them, the reality is some dogs want nothing to do with me.  They don't know me and they are not interested in knowing me.  As an introvert, I get that.  I'm not eager to race out and meet new people.

This is Darcy (hi Darcy!).  It took a while for Darcy to decide I was okay.

However, over the course of the time I care for that dog, eventually they decide I'm not all bad after all.  Recently a dog has been coming for days only.  He's not warmed to me one bit.  He politely tolerates me, but each day when his owner returns, his tail wags in happy relief.

After wondering what it would take to win this pup over, I realized that every day he is rescued.  He doesn't have to tough things out.  He doesn't have to rely on me.  No trust is built between us.

Aren't we the same way?  We want to be rescued from pain, instead of considering the valuable lessons we may learn from enduring it.  We want to rescue others so they will be spared pain.  Sometimes that's a very good thing, but sometimes a person must endure the full consequence of their decisions.

God is not inactive in our life.  While He desires us to turn to him in our pain, that doesn't mean He will rescue us from enduring it.  When we go through tough times with God, we learn to trust Him.  Then the next time, we see that God is indeed good and loving.  We can see that God is really not so bad after all.

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  1. But I WANT rescued from this cruel world Lynn. . . If I come daily, could you board me and take care of my issues?? LOL Ok, I won't count on that, I will continue to pray and be led by God. But it would surely be a lot easier for me if you could handle my daily issues.