Monday, November 18, 2013

Winning Them Over

Remember the little dog I told you about last week that shunned all my friendliness?  It only took eight days, but he finally wags his tail at me.  How did it happen?  Walks.  Nice long walks with the other dogs. 
He trusted them, he trusted me. 

Isn't that the way with people who've had terrible experiences with God's people?  If a person constantly feels judged and unloved, then they stay away.  The other extreme of feeling smothered with false love drives people away as well.  But when a person encounters a person who loves the way God loves, suddenly they are interested.

When I sat down in the kennel run with this dog, he avoided me and shook.  My presence brought him no comfort, just more stress.  Until he learned to enjoy the other dogs, he couldn't enjoy me.  But now he wags his tail and comes willingly to me.

Sometimes I want to stay far from God's people.  But then I remember I'm just like them - broken and imperfect.  Most of all, God is perfection and despite all the "false advertising" we, His people, often do, God's love is compelling.

Be loved and express love today.  Not necessarily in a mushy, stupid way, but in that way that is genuine and patient.

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