Monday, January 13, 2014

Back Where They Belong

It's not a great picture, but here's Kody resting in his new home in Texas, with his buddy Kobe running around like a maniac in the background.
In the previous post, I mentioned how I drove these guys (and my Tilly) down to Texas to be reunited with their owner after a 9 month separation.  The dogs weathered the time in the kennel and the 17 hour car ride like champs.  Seeing their owner and new home was a great sight.  And Tilly enjoyed running around with her buddies as they got acclimated.  Unlike their previous home, this one has a nice fenced in back yard.  An added bonus?  Free range, taunting squirrels!  Oh the fun!

Sometimes we go through hard times and we can't imagine why it's happening or when it will end, let alone a reason for the strain.  Maybe we don't get our ideal home, companion, and nice back yard at the end of this life, but for those who trust in Christ, a grander end and eternity awaits. 

Kody and Kobe held their faith.  They endured separation from the one who loved them.  They trusted that eventually life would be different.  A joyous reunion with their Master was their faithful reward.  I look forward to the same.

I hope you will too.

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  1. OH my, that was an adventure. 9 months seems like forever for a dog I would think. But now they can relax with their family. I like to think that my experience will be the same. Enduring this world until better "placement".