Friday, January 24, 2014

Take My Word For It

Do I need to tell you it's cold? 
Didn't think so.

Since my unpaid job is Cat Butler, I open and close the door several times a day.  In this weather I don't, which the cats find highly objectionable.  Once, maybe twice a day, I'll open the door, one cat will stick their nose as far as the threshold, then turn tail and find a warm spot.  The cat standing behind the first cat repeats the same behavior.  They simply don't believe the first cat, or me for that matter.

Throughout the day, the bored cats circle, whine, and cause mayhem.  Exasperated, I open the door.  Repeat the above scenario.  They look at me like wind chills are my fault.  In other words, we are all a bit batty.

Sometimes a friend will tell me something, with good authority, and I don't believe them.  I have to find out for myself, often to my own detriment.  Sometimes I will tell a friend something, with good authority, and they don't listen to me.  There seem to be a few trust issues now and then.

But nothing is to our greater detriment than ignoring God's authority.  One can never be too careful to give weight to God's warmth, forgiveness and love without mentioning that, as Designer of the Universe, His authority is greater.  When He advises against something, it is to our benefit to listen and follow.

Talking about sin is not cool.  Recommending Bible reading is so passé.  That doesn't make it untrue.  God's truth endures forever.  Even when it's cold.  Even when we don't want to believe it.  Even when we find out for ourselves that God's ways are better than ours.  The good news is when we learn our lessons the hard way, we can run right back to God to repent and seek forgiveness.  Once again, God's love, warmth and reconciliation is readily available.


  1. I love the message with this "tail', often struggling to accept what it available from God.
    And, I had to laugh about you being the "doorman" for the animals. Mine go out the back door and before I get into the living room, they are at the front door wanting back in. And yes, when I let them in, they run for the back door to go out again. HAHA, with 7 cats and 2 dogs, this process takes up most of the day. Until I have had enough. Wonka the Chihuahua, won't even attempt to go out, he expects a potty training pad daily for his use only. BUT, he still wants to go through the "motions" of "wanting" out. Jumping up and down uncontrollably until I go to the door, then he scampers off to the potty pad. LOL. Hurry up Spring.

    1. Wow, you have a house full too! Yes, hurry up Spring!