Monday, March 3, 2014

His Eye is on the Sparrow

This morning, I kept thinking of the verse, "What is man that God art mindful of him?"  There's a lot of things that demand the attention of the Driver of the Universe, yet He pays attention to us meager humans.  We are a problematic species.  We either tromp all over, kicking others' sandcastles or we sit on the curb doing nothing.

Yet we matter.

Then I went downstairs to read and pray.  I saw a sparrow, puffed up from the cold, nipping at the snow.  God made a provision for the sparrow as it thirsts.  At my birdfeeder, the sparrows congregate, along with cardinals, nut hatches, and even the very nasty blue jays.
The sparrows, those that are considered a dime a dozen, practically worthless, and of the "no one will miss one" variety, are mentioned in God's word as having value. 

As sparrows congregate on the eaves, one of my cats watches from inside.  If she could, she'd snag one of them.  And God would know it.  He would care. 

It gives me a sense of peace to know that no matter what happens through the course of my day, God is mindful of me.  I am not insignificant.  And neither are you.

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