Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"I Don't Like People"

This has been the mantra uttered by many.  It's bandied about like it's a cool thing.  People laugh.  "I like dogs but I don't like people."  Sure, I like dogs.  And, to be honest, I have often felt the same way about people.

But I don't feel that way anymore.  I realized when I said that, the implication was I'm better than others, and those poor saps better stay out of my cool self's way.

It's easy to like dogs.
Well....SOME dogs....
Running a kennel, I meet a lot of people of all educational and economical levels.  After sixteen years, I've learned to like people more than their dogs.  In fact, I'd say this change is nothing short of a miracle....a work of God in my life.

What started it?

One of my kennel clients was widely unliked by others.  But I saw this person with their dog.  When this dog died, my friend at the vet clinic told me how this person broke down and sobbed.  People are different with their dogs.  They are a lot more real and tender and vulnerable.

And so are you.  And so am I.  God knows the difference of who we may be at work or in the community.  He knows us our real self.  He loves us anyway.


  1. Thankfully He loves us anyway. I am certainly one of those people that have a hard time "understanding" other people and their agendas. It takes a lot of self discipline to overlook some qualities and find those that God would prefer I see in them. And here comes that word, BUT, what is wrong with people today? Is it just that we know more due to social media and contacts so readily available? Because it sure seems like we live in a world of selfish, greedy, "holier than thou" humans. LOL. Guess I better try to work on this subject a little harder. It is that bad word "but" that seems to enter my life frequently. (yep, I admit it)

  2. Oh, Melissa, I know just what you are saying! It does seem like people have "no filter" and let fly with their knee jerk reactions on social media. Perhaps it is the other side of seeing them with the dog, when they feel safe and happy. I don't know, but I know just what you are getting at there!

  3. What?! You might like me more than my dogs? They are going to be highly insulted