Saturday, March 1, 2014

This is Your Captain Speaking

This is Captain, my little yellow cat who is almost two years old. 
He looks adorable and peaceful, doesn't he?  LIES!  ALL LIES!

His assault on the birdfeeder is not uncommon.

His assaults on other peace-loving cats, also common:
Certainly mice are not safe (but I'm okay with that).

As you can see, Captain is a pest and a killer.  Inside, he often does naughty things beyond knocking things off the counters (and being on them to begin with).  Sometimes when I pet him, he takes aggressive swipes at me.  He is truly terrible.

Yet, I find that I love him.  I still feed him.  We play outside and in.  He chases Tilly and likes to help at the wood pile (though not as useful as one might hope).  He can be adorable when he cuddles up (those rare moments) with possibly the best purr ever. 

He was dumped off here as a tiny kitten who needed help.  It would be easy to look at his behavior and consider him completely ungrateful.

Then I think about how I'm not that different from this ornery cat.  God found me, helpless and in need of saving.  Often I am defiant, nasty, and even have taken a few swipes at God.  Yet he continues to love me eternally, even giving me good things.  Why am I not more grateful?

If for no other reason, I should remember that "God loves me anyway."  Even if my behavior is imperfect and my attitude leaves something to be desired, God's love endures forever.  That's something wonderful.

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