Monday, June 16, 2014

Hand Fed

It was his first long distance car trip.  It was his first time away from his family, which meant his first visit to the kennel.  It was no wonder he was reluctant to eat.
One thing I've learned when this happens is to take the dog outside, spend some time with him/her, and offer some food, one piece at a time.  And it worked.  He ate, one piece of kibble at a time.  When I tried to push the bowl to him, he refused, not ready to make such a big commitment to normal eating just yet.

Change is not easy.  It's not easy for us, and it's not easy for others.  It seems overwhelming and scary.  But, if we break down our fears one by one, and make simple adjustments one step at a time, acclimation and transformation is possible.

It's not always easy to accept how much God loves us, how willing he is to give us forgiveness, and most of all to wrap our mind around the grace that saves us.  By definition, Omnipotent, Omniscient God is overwhelming and intimidating.  But maybe today, you can look at one good gift in your life, or just out the window.  Recall the one time that an amazing provision was made, seemingly just for you, and allow that God was calling to you.  Take a step forward.  Don't be afraid.  The Lord wants to give you good things.  These gifts will feed your soul, sustain your life, and give you hope.

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