Sunday, June 8, 2014

Surely Goodness will follow me...

A new kennel client brought their ten year old St. Bernard recently for a stay. 

(this is not THE St. Bernard, but one of my favorites (Sandy) who passed away several years ago.  I still miss this wonderful dog.)
The new client told me that she got the dog for her mother, who had cancer.  Her mother always wanted a St. Bernard, so her daughter got her one.

What an example of "goodness."  All of June, my focus is on this "fruit of the Spirit."  I've struggled with the definition of just what "goodness" is.  Kindness seems like an action, while goodness seems like a state of being, like it is what is inside a person and it can't help but flow out.

Buying your dying mother a giant dog is indeed a kind act, but it was an overflow from a good heart.

If I look at myself, I don't believe what overflows from my heart is goodness.  If it looks like it, it is only because I've done a lot of self-editing. 

Being "good" is hard.  God is "good", but what does that mean, exactly?  Whatever it is, I'd like more of it.  I pray for the Lord to grant me His goodness so that my heart will change from bitter to love, so that my actions overflow with the goodness within.

What do you think "goodness" means?


  1. Wellllllllllllll, after many days of June goodness going on......I think Goodness is all about character and virtues.