Friday, June 20, 2014

Party Crasher

On one of our Fun Fridays, a certain neighbor cat showed up to see what we were up to.  He obviously made himself pretty comfy in the process of being curious.
However, we didn't kick him out (though he was told to keep his nose away from the strawberry cookies).  We welcomed his antics, despite his bullying of another neighbor cat.

Sometimes people show up in our lives at inopportune moments.  We didn't expect them and therefore feel a bit testy at their appearance.  Then, they may not behave the way we think they should.  We question their motives as well as their manners.

Today is International Refugee Day.  With world problems from Iraq to Ukraine to US/Mexico, we can feel overwhelmed, not knowing what to think.  But we know what to DO.  We can pray.  Regardless of policies, a person displaced and out of their natural element still needs kindness, if not our immediate help in practical ways.

If a stranger shows up, whether two legs or four, adjust your own agenda and think of them.  Offer patience and compassion.  Show them God's love, the way God has loved you.

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  1. Did you write this with me in mind??????