Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Home

Vacation is wonderful.  The fun, the relaxation, and often a lot of delicious food makes us all look forward to time away from The Grind of our "ordinary" life.  Most everyone is happy when they are on vacation.

When owners come back from their trips to pick up their dog(s), EVERY dog is ecstatic to see their owner and go HOME.  Case in point:  Brutus
Isn't that a great picture?

Probably just over half of the dogs that stay at the kennel treat it like puppy camp.  They play, they get special treats, they play, they get special treats.  But more than anything, they want to be home and be with their people.

And as fabulous and distracting as vacation is, life is meant to be lived in the ordinary.  When we return to home, to laundry, to bills, we truly reveal our character. 

The Lord loves our vacation selves, but He also loves our ordinary selves.  He cares about the details that drive us crazy.  He can provide the power and wisdom we so often need to push through what can be drudgery, or simply "not fun."

Now that most people are on "back to school" schedules, we return to our ordinary life and our ordinary selves.  Make it a good one.  If you find that difficult, call on the One who makes the ordinary extraordinary, and often supernatural.

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  1. As I continue to call upon the Lord for Blessings, my daughter directed me to a song that she said I needed to listen to. It is perfect and explains life and faith so well. Look up Laura's Story "Blessings". I had to laugh though, I think I have been "blessed" enough this last couple months. =)