Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not Getting This One Back

This is Tyson (hi Tyson!).  During Tyson's recent stay at the kennel, he found one of Tilly's toys while we were out for a walk around the yard.
Once he picked it up, he didn't want to let it go.

Tilly saw him.  I don't know if she realized this was her ball, since she'd been "waiting" in the kennel with the other dogs who were out stretching their legs.  However, Tyson would not drop the ball.  Eventually, I distracted him with a particularly tempting treat.  Tilly had her ball back but Tyson was without.  He had a toy from home, but you know how that is....

We don't want what we have because we are busy wanting what someone else has.  The whole "grass is greener" syndrome.  Covet, covet, covet!

Is the reason that God tells us not to covet because He wants to control us or because He knows that spending time and energy wanting something else can destroy us?  I'm betting on the latter.  When I am busy focusing on the "perfect" thing/relationship/job/etc. someone else has gratefulness flies out the window.  What about what God's current provision?  Can I be thankful for it?  And is it really much better?  Who's with me.....anyone else have this lack of reflection and gratefulness?

Like Tyson, we often can't pick up the blessing that is ours because we are busy holding onto the idea of what SHOULD be ours.  Let it go.  Wait, I think there's a song in there somewhere.

"Drop it!" 

Then pick up something better.  Pick up what God has given you.


  1. I think it's hard to identify what God wants for me at times.
    Seems to fall into that unknown category of life so often.
    All we can do is "trust & obey" anyhow because he sees the bigger scheme of things.

  2. I don't wish for what others have, I just want to secure the peace that Jesus' offers. Every week I have been personally affected by horrible "life" events for the last month. I have absolutely no concept of how to keep a positive attitude and rely on my faith. I cringe to think of what is next. Satan is breathing down my neck, I don't have time to covet.