Monday, August 11, 2014

Water Everywhere, but not a Drop to Drink

Fresh potable water is vital to human, animal, and plant life.
Summer is a busy time in the kennel, and occasionally the water in my own pets' water bowls is low as I'm focused on the paying customers' bowls.  If this is the case, a certain bossy cat named Olive (who is also a little senile) brings it to my attention with very low, insistent yowls.
Perhaps I should be grateful that I have a "helper" to remind me of my duties.  Mostly, it's just annoying.

Yet we all need water.  If  you live or were passing through Toledo the first weekend in August, it was a little scary as people were without safe water.  Suddenly, we all appreciate the necessity of it.  It was so easy to get before, open the tap, water fills the glass, you're set.  Suddenly, this wasn't the case.  Speaking of "case", cases of water were gone within hours of the notice.  Restaurants closed for the day, even the Zoo was unable to open.

We take water for granted.  I don't know about you, but I do the same thing to Jesus.  Yes, Jesus.  I was fortunate enough to grow up with the knowledge of him always in the background of my childhood.  When I went through religiously affiliated junior high, high school, and college, I still thought about him - I mean, it wasn't like he was going anywhere.

But then I had a crisis.  I realized I needed the Living Water that Jesus called himself.  I needed refreshment from pain, and I needed the life-sustaining flow of the rescue only Jesus could provide.  I took Jesus for granted.  Fortunately, realizing my mistake and repenting, I found Jesus was right there, waiting as I ran to him.

Since then, I don't take Jesus for granted.  Every day I remind myself of the thirst only Jesus can quench.

As I write this, the rain falls, refreshing the plants and crops that need it for growth.  The farmers don't take rain for granted.  The people in Toledo don't take drinking water for granted.  And we should all remember (or find out for the first time), how only Jesus offers us the flow of cooling, life giving water for eternity.

And, you may want to throw a case or two of drinking water in the basement.  Just in case.


  1. Living in the country, having our own water source through a well, isn't always as "great" as it sounds. A few weeks ago, I woke up to a "hissing" sound and upon investigating, found myself walking through 2 inches of water throughout my kitchen and utility room. Rising quickly due to a hole in the water pressure holding tank.
    We were without water for a couple days while trying to get the finances rounded up to purchase what was needed to replace and repair. It made me realize how we take for granted that "turn a knob" and safe water appears. Unlike many in countries where they walk for miles to obtain clean/safe water. I actually cried at church that weekend we were without water, when I asked for prayer for patience for myself, and asked for prayer for those who don't have this convenience.
    Ironically, the next week we had a kitchen fire and damaged most of inside of the house with black soot and smoke. We got it out before the fire dept. arrived. So we were limited to the fire, smoke and soot damage and had no water damage. Thankful for the 20 year old extinguisher that waited for this moment in our garage. But once again we were without our conveniences of our electric which included all parts of the house. Bottled water to the rescue. Thankfully we were able to have shelter in an old pop-up camper I had been diligently repairing. Our insurance company is denying our claim, one of my cats was killed in the driveway by a helper, we are using every resource possible to be able to have professional cleaners work on the most damaged areas. Although we are back in the house (after long days of cleaning), partially, we are still without our kitchen, but we have running water once again. Satan is on my tail, but God has been right beside me through the storm. Neighbors, family, church family and friends have been too generous, to the point I could never repay their kindness. It was just a day before I heard about the water crisis in Toledo (I had been away from all information sources for a few days), that we gained access to our water in the house. I wasn't sure if I was happy that we wouldn't be in need of bottled water because of the selfish thought of not finding any, or if I was happy that we wouldn't need to purchase bottled water and take from those in need. But either way (hopefully, the latter), I prayed for all those in need, still including those in dire need of clean safe water throughout the world.
    Insurance is still denying our claim, but with the help of so many known and unknown people, we will be able to continue to live in our house with electric on and our water source available. It isn't exactly as convenient living as we are used to, but shelter and water is essential, I thank God for it daily.

    1. Sorry to be so windy. I didn't realize how long of a post I had.

    2. Melissa, thanks for sharing your story - no matter how long it is! You've been dealing with an awful lot! Fires are so scary. I'm glad you are safe and I am sorry about losing one of your cats.

      Thank you for clinging to God through yet another difficult trial. I'm thankful you have a good church family that has helped you.