Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking the Rules

That's right, Tilly, you should look guilty.

At home, the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture or the bed. The owners of this rental are kind enough to use washable covers for the inevitable dog hair. Tilly loves sleeping on the loveseat.

However, this isn't a habit I encourage. Dogs generalize and when we return home, Tilly will believe that couch is fair game for naps now too. This means I have to retrain her, which makes neither of us happy.

While we can have a different routine while on vacation, there are some habits that we shouldn't change too much. For instance, the first week I was here, I ate ice cream every day. With my slowing metabolism, this is NOT a good idea!

The immediate comfort versus the long term goal. There is quite a discrepency between the two. It takes a lot of determination to pass what is quick and easy to achieve the ends we want. It's a day to day, sometimes hour to hour battle.

"Comfort, comfort, my people, Israel." This was the verse I studied recently. Comfort means "to give strength." Immediately, I thought of "comfort food." However the physical strength we get at the moment might not be much to sustain us in the long run. We need to find real, enduring comfort.

Where do you go for comfort? What habits creep into your daily life that don't help you reach your long term goals?

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  1. I can't help it! I love the look on Tilly's face!

    Worry is a habit that creeps into my daily life . . . it helps nobody. It never solved anything . . . Still I cling to it and often. Tilly does not look worried. Maybe she is clinging to God (and that pillow) and hoping for the best.