Friday, January 21, 2011

Is Your Dog an Accessory?

You've seen Tilly before and that's me, making my debut on my blog (thanks again Jean).

Tilly loves to be held. However, as you can tell, she's not exactly the size of a dog you carry with one hand or stick in your purse when you head to the nightclub.

No, she's the kind of dog who sticks her paws in your shirt and gives you a suddenly plunging neckline then drools on your hair. Yet she does take on the look of being part of my outfit, not unlike a scarf.

An accessory is defined as "a subordinate or supplementary part used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, or safety." Tilly is hardly convenient, unless you count her being constantly underfoot. She is not always attractive, after she's rolled in or eaten something offensive. Perhaps she would make an effective air bag, but generally Tilly is more of a hazard than safety piece.

It's also defined as being guilty of being part of a felony. She definitely fits that description.

Dogs can be extremely trying, and they don't usually fit conveniently into our lives. We make many accomodations for them. We get up early to let them out, clean up after them, and suffer their dog hair on our clothing.

My friends may describe me as being extremely trying, and inconvenient. I'm not the neatest person, and my home and yard have been the site of many an "Amish Cleaning Day." Friendships can be difficult and complicated.

Yet could we really live without our friends or dogs? They don't always enhance our outward appearance, but they certainly lift our spirits inside. That often bubbles over into our own personal happiness, reflected in happy faces.

Maybe they do make us look good.

I think God looks at us the same way - making messes, being inconvenient and letting the fur fly. Yet He could live without us - but He chose to bring us into the world and loves us greatly, more than we can even imagine. I can't make God look good, but anything good about me has come from the work God has done in my life.

When I look at that picture of Tilly clinging to me for comfort, it's exactly how I feel about God - comfort and strength. Without drooling on His head, I hope!

Where do you find comfort that lasts? How thankful are you for your friends? Can you pick up your dog?

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  1. I have this feeling I've drooled on God's head and He's let me. I can't imagine life w/out such unconditional love.

    And I can pick up my dog, yes, even the big dog. Once got yelled at by friends about 5 mos. into pregnancy for doing it.

    I was just wondering this cold morning if I'd have a dog again if the ones (who I love a lot) were gone. And I had to think a minute. I can't imagine life w/ out their tails wagging and without someone to blame the mess on . . . time will tell . . . but I hope I don't have to find out anytime soon.